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How does Divya Gugnani balance being a mother of two and the co-founder and CEO of Wander Beauty? She sneaks moments of self-care throughout her day, whether it’s right after the kids go to bed or before she dives into her inbox.

Gugnani shares how she prioritizes “me” time in hopes that it’ll inspire you too.


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Being a mom of two kids, the CEO and co-founder of Wander Beauty, and someone who is always on the move, carving out “me” time is always something I do my best to prioritize. Making sure that I take time for myself allows me to be the best mom and leader that I can be. My trick for getting time for myself, even with a crazy schedule? Sneak it in throughout the day.

Before the rest of my family wakes up, the first thing I do is meditate. I’ve been meditating since I was in the seventh grade, and it’s a habit that’s crucial to my self-care. Meditating allows me to center myself before I start my day – I won’t check my email or interact with another human until after I meditate. From there, the kids wake up, and my morning goes into overdrive.

After making breakfast, packing lunches, checking homework, and getting the kids to school, I take 10 minutes to have a large glass of room temperature water, usually with lemon and ginger. Depending on how I’m feeling, I’ll also put on music or do a few quick yoga stretches to get my blood flowing. While this may not seem like a significant amount of time, it gives me a few moments to breathe before I switch into CEO mode and attack my emails.


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Throughout the day, I carve out small bursts of time for myself that allows me to recenter and refocus. It’s a rare occasion for me to take a proper lunch break and completely unplug, so one of my favorite ways to squeeze in that mental break is by walking up and down the stairs in the office. I’ll walk when I’m on calls, and I replace a coffee break with a walking break. This is a small and easy way for me to get my body moving as well as be with my thoughts.

Once the day is over, I head home and spend uninterrupted time with my family, completely device-free. Once everyone is fed and in bed, I’ll often go for a quick swim. I love being in the pool; it’s my time to be completely alone with my thoughts, uninterrupted. I call it “vision” time since I take this time to think about what’s ahead, for both my family and my businesses.

After I work into the night (I’m a night owl!), I always make sure to take a few extra minutes to do my nighttime skin care routine. This is the point in the night where I completely shut my devices off and begin to unwind and clear my head before getting into bed. Finally, I’ll do another 20 minutes of meditation before calling it a night.

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