Living a happier, more meaningful life doesn’t always require a huge overhaul. You don’t have to move to a new city, pursue an entirely new career, or make a whole new group of friends.

Instead, you can simply start implementing small habits into your day-to-day life as these little changes can make a big difference in your mood, your energy levels, and your overall outlook on life.

“The small habits that build your day allow your life to go smoothly so you can support larger habits and goals,” says Lupe Colangelo, a certified holistic health and life coach. “Small goals sometimes are the stepping stones to big goals and allow us to stay motivated and excited.”

If you want to make some positive changes but don’t know where to begin, these five small habits below can dramatically change your life.

Beginning your morning with meditation can help to shift your mood for the entire day, as well as relieve stress, control anxiety, and improve your focus. “When most people hear the word meditation, they assume it means you have to sit for hours in silence on a pillow…but even just a few minutes a day can change your life,” says therapist and life coach Jenny Giblin.

Practice gratitude
Spend time focusing on what you’re grateful for, whether it’s right when you wake up in the morning or before you go to sleep at night. “Studies using fMRI scans have shown that gratitude can literally reprogram the reticular activating system of our brain so that we begin to automatically focus on the good, feel so much better, and begin to attract even more good things into our life,” says Giblin. 

Drink more water
Focus on staying hydrated, and you might be surprised to find how much better you feel both physically and mentally. “This will give you energy, stave off weight gain, promote efficiency throughout the body, and more,” says wellness expert Ashley Walter. Making sure you have enough H2O is important considering that even just mild dehydration can cause moodiness, fatigue, and problems focusing.

Get more sleep
Sleep is important for all aspects of your health, so slipping in even just an extra hour can make a huge difference. “Supporting a good night’s sleep with time away from your phone, meditation, or supplements like CBD oil can relax your body and initiate the routine before you get into bed,” says Colangelo. “Eight hours is ideal, but do your best to at least add one hour to your sleep schedule if you currently get less than you want.”

Prep your groceries
Eating healthy (and not letting your groceries go to waste) is much easier when you get the bulk of the work done right when you come back from your grocery run. “Put on music and start chopping veggies, washing leafy greens, and peeling and spiralizing what you need to right away for easy access later,” says Colangelo. “You are much more likely to cook a healthy meal and grab a healthy snack when the food is conveniently ready to eat already in your fridge.”

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