The holidays are an excuse to stay indoors with a good book in hand, but they also spell out stress, which calls for a heaping dose of self-care.

Each book below contains insights that can help you unwind, be more productive, and live your best life. Far from your average “self-help” read, these winners provide solutions for everything from your diet and relationship to your mind and even your skin health. Read on to discover 10 literary solutions that soothe the mind, body, and soul.

Astrology for Real Relationships by essica Lanyadoo and T Greenaway

All astrology-lovers will benefit from this hotly-anticipated launch from Girlboss’ resident astrologer, Jessica Lanyadoo. This new year, bring on the love with this cosmic relationship guide.

Light Magic for Dark Times by Lisa Marie Basile

The beauty of this mystical self-care manual is the way it enables us to cope through hard times. We’ve all been there, but Basile guides us back to the light with a manual of easy-to-DIY rituals.

The Rockstar Remedy by Dr. Gabrielle Francis

The naturopathic doctor to real-life rockstar shares her philosophy on holistic yet realistic living. Her rockstar remedy will transform your health and your attitude towards healthy lifestyles.

Power: Surviving and Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse by Shahida Arabi

Arabi’s insights go far beyond romantic relationships, empowering you to become aware of the toxic relationships that drain you. This is an absolute must-read for you and the entire squad.

Keto Diet Cookbook by Dr. Josh Axe

If you’re interested in the health benefits of a Keto diet but have no idea where to begin, Dr. Axe’s new cookbook breaks it down for you.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

This should be next on your list if you often find yourself stressed out and trying to force “positive thinking.” The must-read sprinkles in jokes along with academic research, making for an entertaining read.

The Game of Desire by Shan Boodram

This one’s for all the single ladies. When the author mentors a group of ladies IRL, she developed tips, insights, and a workbook to help you revamp your luck in the dating world.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

This author is one of those souls whose truth reverberates throughout the pages. Even if you don’t share her “celebrant” philosophy in life, read this and watch your creativity flow.

The Execution Factor by Kim Perell

Calling all boss babes! If you’re looking to build up your business savvy skill set, learn from Perell, the acclaimed CEO and angel investor. It’s true what they say — empowered women empower women.

Glow from Within by Joanna Vargas

The celebrity esthetician is the skin care guru to some Hollywood’s biggest stars. She shares her expert advice on scoring the complexion of your dreams.

xx, The FabFitFun Team