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It’s so easy to find ourselves caught up on TikTok. The app is riddled with dance videos we can vibe to, secret menu Starbucks drinks, quality nostalgic content that makes us feel seen, and of course, a considerable amount of DIY home projects that have us shopping at Lowe’s rather than our local mall.

These DIY videos make tackling any home project look so easy, and the truth is, some of them are. And because there are a ton of videos to sift through, we thought we could share some of our favorite home projects that we discovered on some of our daily TikTok scrolls. Sit back, take note, and do try this at home.

@annikaconn_This turned out so much better than I thought.???????????? #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #diy #diyproject #homedecor #pinterest

♬ Buttercup – Jack Stauber

Wooden Accent Mirror

We’re kicking it off with a pretty simple project that can elevate your room, and remain easy on the wallet. Making this wooden DIY accent mirror is as simple as piecing together the perfect wood with an affordable mirror — see for yourself.

@melissafruscoTried out my own mini #foammirror ☁️ #diy #mirrordiy #cloudmirror #LaughPause #pinterest #ChocolateRecipe #homeprojects

♬ Kolors – Monte Booker & Smino

Puff Mirror

If the wooden mirror isn’t your style, we’ve got something that’s more reflective of the Generation Z aesthetic. Yes, it’s the puff mirror and we’re sure you know all about it. If not, take note of how to make this super easy and quick DIY mirror.

@thedioxxalelaDIY projects w/ D. I love a good aesthetic ✨#xyzbca #foryoupage #foryoupage #diyprojects #diyhomedecor

♬ Strawberry – Prod by Rose

Matted Ceramic Vases

If you love arts and crafts, you’ll love this. Why spend several hundreds of dollars on a ceramic vase when you can head to your local dollar store and recreate something so similar? You’ll need paint, vases, and your most favorite floral arrangement for this one.

@midcenturymillennialI had no idea if this Pinterest accent wall would work but holy shit I’m glad I tried. #diyaccentwall #diyhomedecor #budgetdiy #fyp #thriftqueen

♬ original sound – Oma

The Perfect Accent Wall

Whether you’re looking to bring color into your home, or you’re desperately needing some texture to shake up your workspace, this simple DIY hack can give you a little bit of both without being too much.

@emilyraynaCan you believe how good this arch looks with the bedroom furniture? #PPGTimeless #PPGPartner

♬ The Gift – BLVKSHP

Bedroom Arch

Looking to add a little something-something to your bedroom (or any room in your house)? Here you go.

@hammsmomWhy did the early 2000s homes have such small kitchen islands! #diyproject #kitchendiy #homedecor

♬ original sound – Shayla ????

Reworked Kitchen Island

Attention cooks, it’s time to revamp your kitchen space. If you’ve been dealt a small kitchen island, fret not. You can easily build the kitchen island you deserve.

@fashionlushanother successful offerup glow up (tell me u like it plz, I worked v hard) ????✨ #homeimprovement #decordiy #furniturediy #tiletable

♬ original sound – ˚✧♡ Erica ♡✧˚

Trendy Tile Table/Bench

The tile table is no doubt the most popular DIY project on TikTok, and for good reason. These tables typically cost thousands of dollars, but of course, TikTok-ers know better. Why spend the moolah when you can flex your creativity and make your own on a budget?

@diybabygirlcombining my two favorite things >>> ???? #fyp #sagegreen #tiletable #diycandle #easydiy #diyhomedecor #gustafwestman #trendydecor #NHLFaceOff

♬ tbtrack – Maylene

Tile Candle

And since you have the tiles, here’s another project for those little guys that are leftover.

@emilyraynaI’m obsessed… tutorial on my YT!! #greenscreen #upcycling #homeproject #fyp

♬ original sound – Makayla

LED Pendant Light

Last but not least, lighting is key to any room’s ambiance, so you want something good. If you don’t want to ball out, we don’t blame you; try this instead.

Are you going to try any of these DIYs for yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

xx, The FabFitFun Team