It seems like it’s been forever, but finally the gladiators in suits are back in business. That’s right, Scandal is back!

Of course, there was no shortage of jaw-dropping moments in the season six premiere. So hold on to your wine glasses because…here we go!

Olivia admits that she and Mellie have lost. In a world where Olivia Pope always gets her way, this is a totally new feeling. When all the votes appear to be going to Vargas, Olivia convinces Mellie to concede to Vargas. How could Olivia give up her chance at the White House so easily?

The president-elect, Vargas, gets shot. While taking the stage to make a speech, Vargas is shot. Though he’s rushed to the hospital, it’s unclear how bad the situation really is. However, when Fitz sends Abby to guard the hospital, it becomes clear that Vargas’ condition is critical.

The next president is who Fitz says it is. David Rosen explains to Fitz that legally, anyone could be the next president. However, once Fitz reveals that Vargas is dead, he can point America to who the next president should be. Enter the new President-elect: Cyrus Beene. Um, what?

Cyrus orchestrated the attack on Vargas. No he didn’t. Wait, yes he did. OK, so we may not know for sure until the next episode, but Olivia finally finds some evidence that pins the murder on Cyrus. We all know Olivia won’t stop until she reveals the truth to everyone. If she can find that proof, Cyrus will go to jail and Mellie will become president.

Charlie proposes to Quinn — and she says yes! While Charlie is complaining about missing their trip to the Caribbean and Quinn is saying she doesn’t want to go, Huck intervenes. He says the only reason Charlie wants to go on vacation is to propose. Though Quinn is shocked and leaves with Huck to investigate a lead, she later says yes.

xx, The FabFitFun Team