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Packing your suitcase can be frustrating, as the small amount of space can seriously limit how many items you bring on your travels. And while you can’t pack your entire closet inside one small carry-on, it’s good to know that there are efficient suitcase packing hacks to help you save more space.

From traveling with plastic bags to rolling up your clothing, travel experts share their best tips on how to save room and keep your bag in order throughout your trip

Put heavy items toward the wheels of your suitcase
“We like to picture our suitcases as if they were standing up, and then we load our heaviest and densest items toward the end of the suitcase with wheels,” says Becca Siegel and Dan Gold, the travel writers behind @halfhalftravel. This will aid with weight management and will be equally helpful with protecting your items from crushing or folding.

Roll up your clothing before you pack it
“Roll, roll, roll everything,” says Kinga Philipps, a travel expert and TV journalist. “This is hands-down the best (and easiest!) way to pack for the most space efficiency.”

Invest in packing cubes
“Even though suitcases usually have convenient dividers or mesh pockets, we still prefer to pack similar items together in packing cubes,” says Siegel and Gold. Packing cubes, they suggest, allow you to group together items like socks, undergarments, folded T-shirts, or pajamas. They are also more durable than using plastic bags to group and organize clothes.

Pack floppy hats in your suitcase
“Rather than wearing your big floppy hat on the day you depart to your destination, try packing it in your suitcase instead,” Saracino says. To keep the floppy hat’s shape intact, co-founder of Outfits For Travel Darby Simek suggests rolling up some clothes and packing them inside the hat. Proceed to lay your hat flat and upside down, then pack some additional clothing under and on top of the brim.

Use reusable ziplock bags
“All of my toiletries to socks are usually itemized in large ziplock bags,” Phillips explains. Aside from functioning as a great way to store smaller items, she explains that another perk to using ziplock bags is easily storing everything from receipts to souvenirs. Adria Saracino, travel writer behind The Emerald Palate, adds “You’ll never know when you’ll need them for a wet bathing suit or dirty shoes.”

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