Roman Kraft

You’d be surprised at the effects doodling can have on your overall well-being. Whether you like to write, paint, take pictures, or even daydream, having a creative outlet will do your health good.

In fact, the ability and freedom to express yourself is an important part of unlocking your brain’s full potential. So allot some time in your schedule to tap into your creative side — you’ll be surprised at what you can do.

It’s a great workout. For your brain, that is. Thinking creatively can help renew brain function by working different parts of your noggin. When you begin to think in new and different ways, you’re nurturing parts of your brain that might not be getting enough attention. Set time aside to write in your journal or just think outside the box to tap into new sources of problem solving and thought processes.

It relieves stress. Expressing yourself creatively can both be meditative and reflective. Recent reports have shown that something as simple as doodling your name or singing your favorite song can have benefits similar to that of meditation. Next time you’re feeling a little worked up, try letting it out on paper.

It instills a sense of freedom. Unlocking your creativity means giving yourself permission to complete freedom of expression. When we open ourselves up to trying new things and thinking without judgment or risk, we allow ourselves to see things through a new lens. As the ol’ brainstorm adage says, “any idea is a good idea.”

It will connect you with others. One of the greatest connections you can have with someone is through art. There’s proof of this every time we go to a museum, watch a movie, or even update our Facebook status. It’s inevitable that when we create, we connect. People bond through common experiences and interests, so next time you build something, write something, or draw something, try sharing it!

It encourages self-awareness. The more we create, the more we discover about ourselves. Tapping into our imagination can provide insight on our habits, impulses, and desires. When we take time and energy to learn about new ideas and develop our own, we end up learning about ourselves along the way.

xx, The FabFitFun Team