Pokémon Go is the newest global craze to take over everyone’s smart phones. It was released in early July and has since topped the gaming charts! While it might be another gaming app to some, it’s noticeably changing the lives of those who are Pokémon-obsessed.

Here are five ways this reboot of a childhood classic is making the world a better place:

People Are Socializing More
Players from all over gather at Pokéspots (hotspots where many Pokémon are found) to catch new Pokémon and show off their collection to others. People constantly gather in local establishments and socialize while playing the game. Children with mental handicaps are running around with new friends as they try to catch the elusive Pikachu. Veterans with PTSD are overcoming their anxiety and happily venture outside their homes. College campuses and city parks are bustling at all hours of the day as more and more people are spending time outdoors.

People Are Exercising More
Discovering new Pokémon, obtaining more Pokéballs, and hatching eggs require the player to walk. Motivated to “catch ‘em all,” people who struggle with obesity are walking and bicycling around town. Pokéspots are spread all throughout cities and certain Pokémon are only found in specific areas — there’s no way to play the game without moving. Eggs, which hatch some exclusive Pokémon, require the player to walk around 1-6 miles before they hatch. The game recognizes how fast a player is moving and if it’s faster than a jog, it doesn’t register as a distance walked (it can catch if people are driving around to hatch eggs), so exercise is mandatory.

Police-Civilian Tension Is Easing
Socioeconomic status and race tensions have been high with all the police vs. civilian controversy that has recently come to light. But this simple gaming app is doing what it can to ease this strained relationship. There have been numerous user reports of police officers, who are also Pokémon trainers, blasting the Pokémon theme song and announcing where Pokémon can be found over their cruiser speakers. There has also been a decrease in crime and suspicious activity due to the large groups of peaceful players flocking to parks, bars, and landmarks.

Small Businesses Are Getting More Foot Traffic
As mentioned earlier, Pokéspots are various landmarks and buildings scattered throughout the world. More people are visiting cafés, bars, restaurants, and other small businesses to take advantage of these hotspots. Smaller establishments have become strategic and are offering discounts and special deals for people who drop lure modules which is used to attract more Pokémon beneficial to any users nearby. Hungry players stop and grab a meal to refuel during their Pokémon excursions and discover new establishments in the process.

People Are Giving Back to the Community
The online Pokémon Go community has been taking advantage of this opportunity to make a positive, tangible impact on their cities. Message blasts encourage people to pick up trash that they find on their walks. Generous players are dropping lure modules at hospitals so that bed-ridden children can still play and enjoy the game. Animal shelters are offering programs for people to have a dog accompany them on their journey. The game can also be linked to various charity apps that donate money based off the distance the user walks.

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xx, The FabFitFun Team