You’ve never missed a Monday morning spin class. Your home is packed A-Z with DIY crafts. Multiple friends have begged you to open your own paleo/vegan/organic baking company. And somehow (somehow!), you regularly manage to squeeze in a romantic date night.

Sound familiar?

Busy schedules are all but inevitable these days, but how often in our daily grind do we take the time to sit back and unwind? Not enough, considering several studies demonstrating one of relaxation’s purest forms can improve quality of life by hitting the brain’s theoretical “restart” button.

Not sure where to start with meditation? These smartphone apps offer quick intros for beginners. On your mark, get set, ohm…

1. Buddhify
City slickers, take note: Buddhify was designed with urban dwellers in mind. Feeling stressed? Can’t sleep? Simply select from the wheel of complaints, select a track time (anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes), and voila: meditation on the move.

2. Saagara Universal Breathing
Anyone who’s ever done Hatha Yoga will be familiar with the concept of Pranayama, a Sanskrit word that roughly translates into extension of the breath. Though it’s not, strictly speaking, direct meditation, breathing is a fundamental component of contemplation, and this app does a nifty job of whittling it down into easy-to-follow instructions.

3. Headspace
“Kind of genius” is the divine Emma Watson’s assessment of Headspace, and who are we mere muggles to argue? The app’s “Take 10” program delivers bite-sized sessions of gratitude, clarity, and focus in (you guessed it!) ten minutes or less.

4. Calm
Like its name suggests, Calm fosters tranquility through mindfulness, handily suited to your preferences and time allowance. Select a nature scene for your screen, pop on your headphones, and tune into the guided sessions—some are as little as two minutes.

xx, The FabFitFun Team