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Supporting small businesses is good for both your local community and the overall economy. It’s also often better for you; you’ll get healthier food, higher-quality products, and more personalized service this way.

Lots of small businesses have recently taken a hit as regular customers are working from home and self-distancing, so it’s especially important to find creative ways to support them now.

Here are a few ways to support small businesses that don’t even require leaving your home.

Shop on small businesses’ websites
Many businesses have closed their storefronts, but certain stores have kept their online shops running. “Even restaurants might sell their best sauce, cookbooks, or T-shirts,” says business consultant Shel Horowitz.

Express support on social media pages
Another way to support businesses from a distance is to post about your positive experiences with them on social media, or even leave a review on their Facebook or Yelp page, says Horowitz. You can also use hashtags like #smallbizstrong.

Create a Facebook group
Kaylin R. Staten, owner and CEO of Hourglass Media, suggests creating a group dedicated to your local community where you can share information about local businesses’ offerings, like takeout and delivery options and online product sales.

Set up online appointments
If you can’t make appointments you’d normally go to in person, see if you can move them online rather than canceling altogether. “Social distancing is essential for everyone right now, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up connection. It’s equally as important,” says Lindsay Teague Moreno, author of Boss Up!

Order supplies for projects you’ve been wanting to complete
If you’ve been meaning to redecorate your apartment, create a photo album, organize your things, or undergo another home project, now is the time to do it, says Moreno — and ordering supplies from local businesses is the perfect time to support them.

What are some other ways we can support small businesses? Share your tips below!

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