Who’s got fall travel fever? We do, we do! What to do after you’ve booked your trip to Europe? Find out everything you can about the local food scene, of course. If you haven’t done your homework just yet, our pals over at Travel Set Go, a new membership site with insane hotel deals, offered up their pro advice.

From finding local hidden gems to rules on tipping, check out their insight below and start packing your bags!

Local Eats Do Your Homework
Scout out authentic eateries to experience the true local cuisine. Go online and spend some time writing down a list of restaurants that represent the cultural local dishes you are looking for. Most of the time authentic restaurants are not located on the touristy main streets.

Tipping Tipping is Optional
Not tipping the usual 15%-20% is okay. Don’t worry, you’re not being rude. The prevailing culture in Europe is to not leave excessive tips. You can leave a few euros if you feel inclined.

Farmer's Market Farmers’ Markets
Farmers’ markets are a good way to find high quality food at a reasonable price and an exciting cultural experience. Farmers’ markets can be found somewhere in any city just about every day of the week.

Patio beer Drink in Public
Europe has fairly lax laws about drinking in public. This means it is perfectly acceptable to enjoy a beer or bottle of wine in a park or other outdoor spaces. (And we can attest, there’s nothing better than sipping on a cold beer at a Parisian cafe while people watching!)

xx, The FabFitFun Team