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First things first: let’s define what we mean by healthy. It’s in our diet-crazy DNA to assume that if something is low calorie, low-fat, low-sugar, vegan–whatever your criteria of choice – that it must be better for you. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Fortunately, at the end of the day, nutrition is less about what isn’t in our food and more about what is.

Think of your body as a machine. When you eat nutrient-rich foods, it’s like depositing quality fuel. When you exercise, you’re teaching your body (and your brain) how to use that fuel. The more consistently you do these things, the better your machine functions. (Our bodies are, like, way smarter than we give them credit for.)

In summary, we’re not just sticking you with low-fat, low-calorie, low-fun meals here; we’re giving you quality fuel that packs a comforting punch.

Best Vegan Congee

Brown Rice Congee with Shiitake Mushrooms and Greens

Rice porridge loaded with nutrient-dense mushrooms and topped with our friendly neighborhood skin guardian, cilantro.

Best Easy Shakshuka


Delicious poached eggs, swimming in a sea of toasty antioxidants (see: tomatoes), and anti-inflammatory spices.

Best Guacamole Veggie Burger

Beyond Burgers with Spicy Sweet Potato Wedges

We love Beyond Meat’s “beef” patties as they are non-GMO, slightly lower in calories and fat than even lean beef, and generally higher in protein and a handful of vitamins, by volume.

Best Ma Po Tofu

Vegan Mapo Tofu

Traditionally prepared with pork, this vegan take is great for a spicy little metabolic kickstart.

Best Healthy Grilled Cheese

Vegan Balsamic Sweet Potato Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled cheese is undeniably an American comfort food staple. This vegan version balances salty and sweet with a few sweet potato medallions.

Best Borscht


Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. First of all, it’s delicious. Secondly, beets are nutritional powerhouses. Third, it has potatoes in it. (We love a good carb.)

Best Pasta e Fogioli

Pasta e Fagioli

This sweet, sweet pasta is nutritionally enriched with protein-and-fiber-packed beans, leafy greens, and other quality veggies.

Best Vegetarian Chili Recipe

Vegetarian Chili

This chili manages to achieve protein superhero status without a pinch of meat — not to mention loads of garlic and avocado to top!

Best Pisto Manchego

Pisto Manchego

If what they say is true — that the healthiest fruits and veggies have the brightest colors — then this dish takes the cake on wellness. Plus, it’s topped with cheese.

xx, The FabFitFun Team