Who doesn’t love the holidays? It’s filled with constant parties, seasonal goodies, and good ol’ holiday cheer.

But when it comes to gift giving, from your siblings to your work gift exchange, there are quite a few people you need account for when out shopping. That being said, your wallet will most likely take a large hit.

So to help keep your finances in line, we compiled a list of quality gifts that are $20 or less. They’re perfect for your co-workers, as stocking stuffers, or as any sort of Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange. Happy shopping!

soap Beklina Soap Rocks $20
Give the gift of cleanliness in an intriguing and anything-but-basic way (that smells incredible to boot!). We love these little soap rocks which are filled with earthly extracts such as aloe, lavender, and comfrey. Any recipient will be happy to add these into their bathing routine.

40985319_801_d Urban Outfitters Zodiac Charm Necklace $16
This is the easiest gift to personalize with dropping big bucks on it. Any lady on your gift list will appreciate this dainty charm necklace, which represents her Zodiac sign. It’s in the stars that you should gift it this holiday season.

boy brow Glossier Boy Brow $16
Eyebrows are continuing to have a moment, making this gift from Glossier as trendy as it is practical. Boy Brow thickens, fills in, and grooms brows — plus, the formula won’t make the hairs stiff.  This product deserves a spot in your BFF’s makeup bag and you’ll win the title of best gift giver ever. #WinWin

hg148479 The Hungover Cookbook $10
This literary masterpiece divides hangovers into six types and offers you food options to cure your specified hangover. This book will give the recipient a good giggle, while being a useful resource in the event of future hangovers.

chill-pills-silicone-keychain_1024x1024 ban.do Chill Pills Silicone Keychain $18
Have that one friend who’s always searching for her keys? Give her this adorable keychain, and she’ll make sure it’s never out of her sight again.

35345_XXX_v1 World Market Aqua 3-Cup French Press $9.99
This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves coffee and only wants one cup of it. It doesn’t take up your entire counter, it’s easy to clean, and it gives you a fresh cup of coffee with each use. Also, the aqua color will add a fun touch to anyone’s kitchen!

coffee scrub Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub $18.95
Who doesn’t love trying new beauty and skin care products? This breakout scrub has fans galore who swear by its magical powers. This exfoliator is perfect for your friends with sensitive skin and will leave it smooth, soft, and healthy.

dash-red-mini-waffle-maker Dash Red Mini Waffle Maker $9.99
Give this present to your breakfast loving pal and then immediately invite yourself over for a serving of waffles. This mini waffle maker doesn’t cost much or take up ample space, but will certainly upgrade all future breakfasts. Bon appetit!

38337978_060_b Anthropologie Fictions Mini Eau De Parfum $18
How chic is this travel perfume? It’s a gorgeous mixture of incense, saffron, oud, and musk — a perfect scent for the holidays. And it doesn’t hurt that the perfume is incredibly ‘gram-worthy.

bag tag J.Crew Customizable Bag Tag in Italian Leather $7.50
Who doesn’t love a gift with a little thought put into it? Get a tag or two monogrammed for your friend’s luggage, purse, or gym bag for a personalized touch. The colorful Italian leather will help his or her suitcase stand out from the crowd at baggage claim.

51183799 Zoella Beauty Ginger Bread Fizz Trio $12
U.K. based vlogger, Zoella, is bringing her love for beauty into an affordable line at Target! Grab this trio of Gingerbread scented bath bombs which will help any gift recipient de-stress from the holiday season.

39704838_066_b Urban Outfitters Avocado Mirror $10
We might be going through an avocado shortage, but one thing is for sure: this is the cutest handheld mirror, ever. Gift this to your co-worker who’s obsessed with avocado toast — they’ll def appreciate the thought as they go through a decline in avocados.

xx, The FabFitFun Team