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Enamel pins are one of the easiest accessory trends to rock these days. You can make a style statement by simply sporting enamel pins on your denim jacket, your bag, or even on your everyday tee.

So why not pick up some pins that encourage a sex-positive vibe and promote self-love? Because the best way to make sex a more positive and less taboo subject is to talk about it — or in this case, wear it.

We found the enamel pins below, which are the perfect conversation piece.

Sexual Enamel Pin $10
No matter what sexuality you identify with, this pin shows that we’re all sexual beings at our core.

Loved Myself Everyday Bravery Pin $10
Nothing is sexier than loving yourself — in and out of the bedroom. Remind people that you’re loving yourself on the reg and that they should, too.

il_570xN.1074177794_9urd Grow a Pair of Ovaries Enamel Pin $10.05
When it comes to embracing our sexuality, it’s important to love all parts of our bodies. Also, as the great Leslie Knope once said, “Ovaries before brovaries!”

il_570xN.1013402794_9vhs Booty Worship Enamel Pin $10
If you love your booty, tell it to the world! No matter what size or shape this asset of yours is, it’s beautiful and needs lots of love — especially from this pin!

il_570xN.908331133_pt0y Good Vibes Enamel Pin $10
Some people think diamonds are a girl’s best friend…others may argue it’s the vibrator in their nightstand drawer. Whichever you prefer, we can all agree this tongue in cheek pin is absolutely hilarious.

il_570xN.1081156008_memf Horny Cat Lapel Pin $12
Forget horny little devils — it’s all about horny little cats! Tell the world you’re feeling yourself in the most adorable way when you pop this little ditty onto your jacket.

il_570xN.1020653050_qryk Two Boobs Pin Pack $14.42
This pin is like the new version of the “free the nipple” shirts. Now you can show love for your tatas with whatever outfit you wish!

xx, The FabFitFun Team