Looking for date ideas but have no idea what to do? We’ve come up with a complete list of easy and fun date ideas based on your partner’s (or your own) Myers Briggs personality type. Myers Briggs is a psychological assessment based on a series of questions that gives deeper insight into how someone makes decisions and responds psychologically to the world.

With 16 personality types, you’re sure to get a better understanding on how best to connect with your partner in a romantic setting. Whether you’re dating an INFJ or ESFJ, we’re sharing the best date idea for each personality type below.

ISTJ: Dinner and a movie
ISTJs love tradition and more formal dates. So what’s better than a romantic night complete with dinner and a movie? Yes, please!

INFJ: Paint and wine night
Creative and deep, INFJs would love a paint and wine night, whether it’s at home or at an art space. This type will love to see your imaginative side.

INTJ: A day at the museum
A day filled with history and art is the perfect idea for an INTJ who loves to think and stay away from crowds.

ENFJ: Coffee and people watching
Spending time with you in a social environment will make your ENFJ babe swoon. Add in some people watching and you’ll both have a great time.

ISTP: Rock climbing
Your ISTP will be sure to enjoy any type of thrill. Pack a light lunch and have a romantic picnic afterward to heat things up.

ESFJ: Sporting event
ESFJs thrive on high energy events. What’s more high energy than a football or hockey game?

INFP: A stroll in the Park
Who said romance is dead? INFPs love romantic dates, and a nice stroll through the park is your best bet.

ESFP: Themed party
Whether you’re hosting or attending, ESFPs love high energy events where they’ll be the center of attention.

ENFP: At-home dinner date
Getting creative and completing a project is what ENFPs live for. So what better way to spend time together than in the kitchen? Look up a recipe together and work to make a delicious, home-cooked meal.

ESTP: Spontaneous road trip
ESTPs love spontaneity. Jump in the car, chart the unknown, and explore a new city with your partner.

ESTJ: Game night
ESTJs love managing people and situations, so game night at home or trivia at a local bar is the perfect date idea.

ENTJ: Let them plan the date
ENTJs love being in charge. Letting them take the reigns and plan a date will speak to their planner side and take the pressure off of you.

INTP: Aquarium
As peaceful and introverted people, INTPs love having intimate conversations and visiting places that are more secluded and interesting.

ISFJ: Winery
ISFJs are extremely loyal and down to do most likely anything. Take them for a beautiful and intimate day spent at the winery.

ENTP: Speakeasy
ENTPs love to go with the flow, but they also love some spice. Spend the evening at an exotic restaurant or bar and they’ll be talking about it for days after.

ISFP: Spontaneous hike
ISFPs love adventure and excitement. Spring a spontaneous outdoor trip on them where you can both enjoy nature together.

xx, The FabFitFun Team