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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI (yes, that famous four-letter personality test that your best friend uses to screen potential Bumble dates) is estimated to have been taken by more than 50 million people during the last 60 years. Based on C. G. Jung’s theory of Psychological Types, MBTI asks a series of questions to determine your personality preferences in four distinct categories:

  • Extroversion (E) vs. Introversion (I)
  • Sensing (S) vs. Intuition (N)
  • Feeling (F) vs. Thinking (T)
  • Perception (P) vs. Judging (J)

Each category preference is combined to form your four-letter personality type (ENFP, for example). Your place in the 16 types then carries some (often astoundingly) accurate insight into your strengths, weaknesses, passions, and functioning in relationships of all kinds.

Intrigued? Well, with a FabFitFun take on the concepts from myersbriggs.org and 16personalities.com, here is a bird’s-eye view of each MBTI personality type. Not sure of your MBTI? Find out here.

INTJ – Architect
Your go-to “idea girl” with the ability to carry out any project from start to finish. She has high standards for everything and will get the job done.

INTP – Logician
The “problem-solver” friend who looks at life through an analytical lens. Quiet but flexible, you’ll often find her deep in thought.

ENTJ – Commander
If you need to fill a leadership role, ENTJ will be the first to step up. She’s decisive, informed, goal-oriented, and ready to lead the way.

ENTP – Debater
This outspoken type loves a quick and stimulating conversation. Bored by routine, she’s probably talking about the pros and cons of her latest idea.

INFJ – Advocate
Likely the friend of yours who was into sustainability long before it mainstreamed, INFJ champions meaning, motivation, and strong values.

INFP – Mediator
Loyal and kind-hearted, she is deeply accepting of anything she views to be innately good. Without fail, she urges humanity to consider each other.

ENFJ – Protagonist
She’s a captivating and authentic leader, seeing your potential and inspiring you to pursue it. This is the girl who makes everyone feel valuable.

ENFP – Campaigner
The free-spirit cheerleader, she gives and accepts words of affirmation with joy. Seeing purpose and potential in everything, ENFP is happy to go with the flow and champion a worthy cause.

ISTJ – Logistician
That enviable friend who is somehow always organized, she’s on top of her tasks, color-coded in her planner, and never late to a coffee date with an old friend.

ISFJ – Defender
The quintessential nurse type, ISFJ beautifully balances her care for others and attention to detail. She easily remembers both your latest struggle and where you left your keys.

ESTJ – Executive
She is the results-driven leader. You never have to wonder where she stands. She flawlessly sets up systems and offers great accountability.

ESFJ – Consul
The glue that holds together any great team, ESFJ is a considerate peacemaker with a willingness to work hard.

ISTP – Virtuoso
When something goes wrong, she’s the first one to identify the problem and solution. If you’re stuck, she’ll wade through the trenches to help figure it out.

ISFP – Adventurer
Easy to be around and never one to start a fight, this is the girl who knows how to enjoy the moment.

ESTP – Entrepreneur
She’s trendy on purpose and puts her money where her mouth is. She learns as she goes and enjoys each new endeavor.

ESFP – Entertainer
A true people-person, ESFP has a busy, social, and animated life because she loves it that way. You can find her in team sports or on her widely-followed YouTube channel.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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