Self-healing is practiced in a lot of different ways whether it be with essential oils, yoga, or meditation. Crystals have been a recent trend, too, and we’ve got the inside scoop.

Crystals are described as “gifts from the earth” and are used for all types of healing. You can cleanse yourself of negative energy, de-stress from a long day, enhance your energy and more. Celebs like Kylie Jenner, Miranda Kerr, and Sam Smith are known to have a thing for crystals, too.

And we can def understand because crystals are not only gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing when decorated around your room, they’re also mysterious and it makes you curious about the elements of the earth.

Crystals are known to “positively enhance an environment” and “subtly but profoundly change our energy, health, and aura.” We delved a little further into the different types of crystals and how they cultivate energy around you.

amethystFor Stress Relief
Amethyst is a natural stress reliever and encourages inner strength. It also helps rid of negative energies in the space around you.

clearquartzTo Focus
Clear Quartz is for those who need help staying more focused and to think clearly. Use this to help energy flow freely within your body.

sunstoneTo Feel More Positive
Sunstone has a powerful connection with light and the sun. It will help bring out a positive and joyful attitude and empower a person.

seleniteClear Negative Energies
Selenite helps a person cleanse of all negative energies to create a smooth flow of positive energy. Jenner uses selenite in her video with crystal healer, Katie Manzella.

rosequartzFor More Love
Rose Quartz helps open up your heart to all types of love. It has a soothing energy which helps foster empathy, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Smith and Kerr have purchased these crystals in the past.

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xx, The FabFitFun Team