Love to mix up your workouts? Us too. Switching it up keeps classes interesting and helps you become stronger, faster, and more fit. While the health benefits of taking a range of boutique classes are great, there are also a few drawbacks of studio-hopping, as it takes longer to learn new exercise techniques and newbies are prone to making common mistakes.

Below, fitness experts share the common mistakes you might be making in your favorite workouts (and how to fix them).

When it comes to running, the biggest mistake trainers see is failing to do it enough. “If you only run one to two times a week, you may never improve much, enjoy running, or experience many of the other benefits people talk about, [such as] a runner’s high,” Bethany Rutledge, a USA triathlon certified coach explains. “Even if you don’t care about times or performance, you should plan to run at least three times a week.”

Michelle Michaels, a Pure Barre instructor, says that working to perfect your form during pushups is worth it. “Pushups done incorrectly is the most common mistake I see,” she notes. “Lead with your chest, hips tucked under, back flat, and head in line with your spine. Go from your range of motion and work with a smaller one until you build up your upper body strength. Your hips should never touch the floor on the way down!”

Group cycling classes are motivating and can inspire you, but be sure you’re there to push yourself instead of competing with everyone else. “It’s easy for the group element to bring out your competitive edge,” Erin Moone, the co-founder of StarCycle, says. “Worrying too much about what everyone else is doing is a common mistake that’s easy to make. Stay focused on how you feel and what you need.”

Working extra hard in an aerobic sweat sesh just to lose weight is a common mistake, according to fitness instructor Pam Sherman. “Many people completely turn their backs to strength, which is so important to overall health.” Sherman suggests pairing your cardio classes with weights to get into feel-good form.

Love doing the tree pose during yoga? Celebrity yoga and meditation instructor Ava Johanna says, while popular, this pose is the one she notices mistakes in most often. “There are many instances where I see students placing their lifted foot directly on their knee. The knee joint isn’t meant to have pressure on it from the side, [and] pressing the sole of the foot into the knee to balance risks damaging the joint,” she says. “Instead, place your foot on the ankle, calf or inner thigh for support.”

Cary Williams, Olympic-level coach and CEO of Boxing & Barbells, says throwing fast punches in boxing is the number one mistake people make. “In boxing, you must learn how to throw a punch from the floor up, which takes time and a lot of practice. A lot of people think that boxing is about the end result, but a lot has to happen before the punch lands,” she explains.

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