Yoga helps to detoxify the body, relieve stress, tension, and anxiety, build lean muscles, and improve flexibility. And, yes, anyone can do it. Whether it’s your first time on the mat or it’s been a long time since you practiced, there are a number of poses you can do no matter your level of flexibility.

As for the best yoga mat? We recommend the Anthropologie Travel Yoga Mat because it’s thin enough to fold up, making it easy to do yoga wherever you please. So roll out your yoga mat and give the six poses below a try.

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Warrior I and II

While your right foot stays facing forward, step your left foot to the back of your mat and turn your toes to a 45-degree angle to come into Warrior I. Bend your right knee over your right heel, and keep both heels flat on the mat. Point your arms upward. To transition into Warrior II, lengthen your stance and sink your hips lower. Your right arm will come forward as your left arm goes back.


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Bridge Pose

This pose stretches the neck, spine, and back. While laying on your back, bend your knees and place your heels on the floor as close to your tailbone as possible. Pressing your inner feet and arms into the mat, push your tailbone upward and lift your hips off the floor.


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Child’s Pose

This restful pose is particularly relaxing. For child’s pose, kneel down on your mat with your big toes pointed toward each other and your knees hip-width apart. Sit on your heels and lower your torso onto your thighs.


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Sun Salutation

There are a variety of different sun salutation poses, but all of them help to warm up the body. One of our favorite poses in a sun salutation series is the mountain pose. To complete a mountain pose, stand with your feet hip-width apart and place your palms in prayer position. Begin to inhale and exhale.


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Cat-Cow Stretch

With your hands and feet placed on the mat in tabletop position, inhale, tilt your pelvis backward, raise your chest, and turn your belly toward the mat for cow pose. For cat pose, exhale, tuck your tailbone, lower your head between your shoulders, and round your back.


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Start with your stomach flat on the mat, then lift from your palms, drop your hips to the floor, and raise your chest to the ceiling. Be sure to keep your quads engaged and tops of your feet pressed into the mat.

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