If you work out too soon after an injury, you might put further strain on the injured muscle and increase your chances of developing a chronic injury — nobody wants that.

So to give your body the proper rest it needs, ease your way back into a regular routine by incorporating more gentle workouts (which can also help speed up the recovery process). Ahead are a few routines you can start with; and guess what? Every video is available on FabFitFunTV, so sign up today!

3S Fitness
Stretch and Recover allows you to kick-start your workout regime while giving sore and achy muscles some much needed TLC. The yoga poses and static stretching will help loosen muscles and keep them long and pliable.

Low-intensity workouts like yoga allow you to strengthen and support your muscles while aiding the recovery process. Yoga for Cyclists, a yoga class designed to create space in the areas of your body where you feel tightness, is ideal for anyone suffering from any joint injuries.

FXP Fitness
This workout combines pilates, barre, and yoga with your favorite childhood toy, a hula hoop. Try the Lower Body Bliss workout if you’re looking to strengthen any lower body strains. This will build lean muscles, and the hula hoop will even massage your back!

If you’re looking to release all the toxins from your body and get those muscles moving, try the Cardio Core Combo. This fusion workout combines different workout disciplines like yoga and cardio, so your body can recover while breaking a sweat.

LIVING with Ashley
Try the Total Body Toning workout to maintain your conditioning levels and build muscle while recovering from an injury. You can always alter the number of reps for a less intense workout.

This modern ballet barre workout allows you to rehabilitate and strengthen muscles with low-impact exercises. The Restorative Stretch offers a 10-minute routine that’s designed to release tension and lengthen your entire body.

Try OmStars’ Stretch, Strengthen, Distress for a workout that stretches and strengthens the entire body and specifically focuses on releasing tension in your hips and hamstrings. Perfect for moms, this workout increases the flexibility of the hips, hamstrings, calves, and feet all while preventing injuries.

If you’ve strained or injured your back muscles, try Yoopod.com’s 10 Minutes to Perfect Posture. This pilates workout strengthens the core, improves the posture, and opens up your upper-body and spine.

Step it up with Steph
You can prevent future injuries by toning up those muscles. Step it up with Steph targets different muscle groups so you can harness all of your energy on strengthening a certain muscle. We recommend the 5-Minute Turbo Legs and Butts so you can target some of the biggest muscles in your body.

Body By Simone
Body by Simone’s Stretch workout offers breathing exercises and simple yoga poses that will allow you to stretch injured muscles and leave you feeling better than ever.

xx, The FabFitFun Team