It’s official: you can no longer go about your daily life without being inundated with news.

While we won’t argue the importance of staying informed on world happenings, maybe all you want to do on Facebook is watch viral puppy videos or scroll through memes.

We get it…sometimes you need reality to be filtered! Consider these tips on how to disconnect, or rather, stay connected at your preference:

Download news filter apps. You should be able to choose what you see and when you see it! Download one of the many apps out there that allow you to filter out news updates from your Facebook feed and your Google searches.

Adjust your Facebook settings. Facebook is now a one-stop internet shop, connecting you with friends and a sidebar of today’s biggest news stories. If you want your Facebook experience to be more about keeping in touch and less about staying in tune, you can customize your experience and get rid of Trending Topics altogether with a browser extension called FB Purity.

Turn off news notifications. Remember those notifications that you set up when you first got your phone? Turn those off. Consider temporarily unsubscribing from some of those RSS feeds or emails lists, as well! Because having daily reminders of the current state of affairs can be overwhelming.

Detox from the internet. If taking things in moderation isn’t your style, maybe you need to step back for a few days. Temporarily delete some apps from your phone and set up an email auto-response if you have the liberty to completely disconnect for a few days. Take the news in a dosage that works best for you.

xx, The FabFitFun Team