We all know working out is crucial for good health, but even the most common workout moves might be causing you more harm than good.

One simple mistake in a workout can lead to injury — and that’s never fun. From planks to squats, take it back to the basics to ensure you’re getting the most out of your workout.

While planks can lead to tighter abs, it can also lead to back, spine, or neck injuries. Some of the most common mistakes in doing this exercise includes arching the back, lowering your hips, or looking straight ahead or up. The ideal plank position means widening your shoulders and hands, tucking in your butt, squeezing your glutes, and drawing in your chin so your head and neck are toward the ground. Think total body alignment while contracting (or engaging) your abdominal muscles.

This lower body technique is used to strengthen your core, loosen your hips, and boost your muscle tissue (not to mention it’ll also give you a great booty!). If you’re not careful in your form, you might to fall forward or your knees may move inward. Ideally, you should open your chest by pulling your shoulder blades together, lining your knee with your ankle, and tightening your core by drawing up from your pelvic core. Don’t forget to go deep and let that knee touch the floor.

Squats will give you a killer tush yet many people don’t realize they’re probably doing it wrong. For such a seemingly simple maneuver, there are a number of mistakes you can make including not lowering to 90 degrees, allowing your knees to buckle inward, and arching your back. Squat form couldn’t be more important as it helps to avoid strain in your knees and lower back.

When you think push-ups, think of a straight line because that’s what your form should look like. Common mistakes include flaring out your elbows, lowering your hips, and allowing gravity to drop you to the floor instead of rowing your way down. These mistakes might seem simple, but they can lead to lower back and shoulder injuries.

xx, The FabFitFun Team