Ever wonder how celebs stay fit and toned? Well, it’s not because of an exclusive juice cleanse or workout; it’s actually through a balanced diet, effective sweat seshes, and guidance from the world’s greatest fitness experts, like Jeanette Jenkins.

One of Hollywood’s most sought after health and fitness gurus with a long list of celebrity clients and professional athletes (she’s coached P!NK, Alicia Keys, and Amber Rose to name a few) and founder of The Hollywood Trainer and Hollywood Trainer Club, Jenkins’ 25 years of experience unleashes your inner athlete so you can enjoy all of the benefits of healthy living.Check out some of Jenkins’ most popular workouts like Bikini Bootcamp and Sexy Abs, or you can find her other amazing workouts on FabFitFunTV.

We also interviewed Jenkins and asked about her go-to exercises, workout playlist, and how she stays motivated.

How do you think workouts are changing in the digital realm and with the rise of fitness on social media?
There’s an enormous amount of fitness information on social media and it’s extremely motivating. Of course, it all depends on the user. If you’re in good mental health and you view the fitness content as motivating and encouraging, that’s fantastic, but if you start comparing yourself to everyone on social media, it becomes an issue. However, the beauty about social media is how easy it is to follow or unfollow other users.

Do you have any motivational quote(s) you like to live by?
One of my favorite quotes is, “You can find an excuse or you can find a way,” meaning you can either spend your time looking for an excuse or you can just roll up your sleeves and get the job done.

How do you encourage yourself to work out when you just don’t feel like it?
I always tell myself, “You’re going to feel a thousand times better after you’re done.” The hardest part is getting started, but as soon as you finish, you get that endorphin high and feel amazing!

Any favorite/go-to workouts?
My go-to workouts include the Bikini Bootcamp workouts. I love anything that delivers maximum results in a short amount of time and movements that combine both your upper and lower body.

What kind of music do you listen to when you work out?
I love high energy music including pop, hip hop, and dance.

Is there one particular client success story that makes you smile?
All of my clients make me smile. Every day that a client decides to move their body and exercise is considered a victory. Heart disease is the number one killer in America amongst women and men, so just knowing that I can encourage my clients to take care of their heart and decrease their risk of heart disease is a success! The body payoff of great legs, toned arms, sculpted abs, and a round booty is just a bonus — the real pay off is an improved quality of life and decreased risk of heart disease.

xx, The FabFitFun Team