Waterproof brow gels and pencils can keep your arches full and intact throughout all your daily activities. However, if you’re looking to keep your brows on point for days and days, you should consider brow lamination (and, dare we say, it’s changing the brow game for the better).

If you’re wondering how on earth eyebrows can ever be laminated, international brow artist Melanie Marris tells us that this unique three-step treatment process (which debuted late last year) straightens and relaxes brow hair, resulting in a versatile brow that can be worn fluffy, straight, arched or sleek. When compared to permanent makeup and micro-stroke brow tattooing, Marris says that the lamination technique is truly unique, and prevents dye being injected into the skin. Instead, she explains that it’s practically a perm for your brows, as it allows them to be styled in a variety of ways, without requiring too much downtime in the process.

To give you a closer look at how the brow lamination process works, we asked Marris to break down everything you need to know about this popular new beauty treatment, including cost, the process and how long the brows last.

It’s typically a three-step process

The first step, she says, is very similar to a perm, as it lifts and relaxes the brows. Step two, she adds, uses ingredients like aloe and castor oil to neutralize brow hairs, while step three utilizes keratin (and other oils) to hydrate and nourish brows.

“When step one is applied, this creates a chemical process, which breaks down the bonds in each of the brow hairs, allowing them to form or freely move into a new shape or style,” she suggests. “When step two is applied, those bonds are set and now reformed into their new shape.”

The treatment takes less than an hour

If your technician performs the brow lamination process safely and carefully, Marris suggests that the treatment takes approximately 45 minutes tops. This ensures that each step is being activated with the correct timing, she adds.

Although she considers brow lamination to be a fast and non-invasive service, Marris adds that the treatments can cost $140 a pop. However, she advises considering it a worthwhile investment, especially since results last for a good amount of time.

Results last up to eight weeks

“Brow lamination has phenomenal staying power, as results can last up to eight weeks,” Marris says. “This includes lasting through everyday activities and showering alike.” However, she notes that treatments need to be performed regularly in order to maintain your brow look, as the more you have this service performed, the better your hair begins to relax and laminate.

At-home maintenance is important

Although Marris advises allowing an eight-week break between treatments (with a follow-up maintenance trim, tweeze, wax or henna styling in between), she suggests that at-home maintenance of freshly laminated brows is extremely important. “As a consumer, you must follow your aftercare of nightly oiling (she recommends applying the Brow Code Brow Gold Nourishing Growth Oil nightly on the brow area), and ensure you keep brows dry for 24 hours following your treatment,” she says.

Marris also recommends using makeup and skin care products with caution post-lamination, as she recommends waiting at least 24 hours after your brow treatment. Similarly, she advises applying the same concept to skincare, as you’ll also want to avoid using retinol and exfoliating products 72 before and after your treatment.

xx, The FabFitFun Team