Wedding season is upon us, which means invitations are pouring in left and right. If we could have it our way, we’d love to attend every single one, but as we all know, a wedding is no small feat.

From booking a flight and hotel to buying a gift, it can be hard to stay within your budget. Here are a few of our tips and tricks to celebrate as many unions as possible without breaking the bank:

Strategize booking your flight. Airfare can be pricey, so in order to make it to all these weddings, you’ve got to play flying like a game — rack up the miles from all your travels and use that to cut down on the price of tickets, search for cheap flights with discount airlines, pack light and skip the checked luggage, and book your flight arrivals on a weekday. Be strategic about ticket purchases and you’ll save more than just a couple bucks!

Stay with a friend. Instead of booking a hotel recommended by the bride and groom, ask a friend nearby if you can crash with them for a couple days. If you don’t have a friend, find someone to split the cost of a hotel room with you. You’ll sleep soundly knowing you didn’t drop several hundred dollars for room and board.

Cut back on gifts. We’re not telling you to arrive empty handed, but instead of getting a gift off the couple’s registry that could cost you an arm and leg, get them something more meaningful (and cheaper). Get creative and DIY something that signifies your years of friendship or even write them a heartfelt letter. Chances are, they’ll just be happy that you were there to celebrate with them.

Recycle old wedding wear. Don’t buy a new outfit for all seven of the weddings you plan on attending. Mix and match. Grab some statement pieces at thrift shops and garage sales and pair it with your favorite summer wedding attire. You can find a way to look fresh and lovely at every wedding without buying something new for each ceremony.

Learn to say no. If push comes to shove and you just can’t afford to make it to every wedding, then say no. It’s perfectly OK to say no to the childhood neighbor you haven’t spoken to in years, your college roommate who you never got along with, etc. Turn down the invites you’re not as personally attached to if you find yourself on a tight budget.

xx, The FabFitFun Team