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When it comes to working out, the warmup is just as important as the cool-down. After all, you have to rev up your body at the beginning to give it 200 percent throughout the rest of your workout.

The next time you think about skipping your warmup, remember these five things below.

Your hormones change
Your hormones play a big role during your workout as it’s responsible for regulating your body’s energy production. Warming up helps kick your hormones into gear by making carbohydrates and fatty acids – it’s what powers you through the rest of the workout!

Increase your range of motion
A healthy range of motion is important in any workout, whether it’s a brisk walk, relaxing yoga session, or heart-pumping cardio class. Warming up will help loosen up your muscles and joints, maximizing how you move.

You won’t overheat
Warming up helps your body activate its cooling abilities, which prevents you from getting too hot. This is extra important during aerobic activity or cardio. It’s recommended to warm up for five to 10 minutes before any kind of workout.

You can mentally prepare
There’s a reason why athletes work to train their minds along with their bodies – mental preparation has a big impact on performance. So take a few minutes to get your head in the game before a tough class or tackling a strenuous exercise routine. Plus, studies show that pre-workout mental prep can help you draw inspiration, feel centered, find focus, and manage your emotions.

Your muscles will be ready
Warming up your muscles reduces your risk of overstretching or suffering an injury during your workout. Not only that, it helps improve the elasticity of your muscles, thus increasing your speed and strength!

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