Most of the time, we’re squeezing a workout into our day where it barely fits, and a post-workout shower is usually something we have to do with superhero speed – if we can even get a shower in, that is. That’s why body wipes are a great alternative to giving your face and body a quick cleanse before rushing back to work or heading to brunch.

Plus, body wipes will kill any germs you picked up from any workout equipment and keep post-gym scents at bay until you find the time to take an actual shower. So which post-workout wipes are worth the purchase? Check out a few of our go-tos below.

Woo More Play Freshies $12.99

Wiping yourself down with a gentle wipe like this one will eliminate odor and germs that can lead to serious discomfort.

Yuni Shower Sheets $15

Toss these natural, biodegradable body wipes in your gym bag to instantly cleanse and refresh your skin after your sweat sesh.

Yes To Coconut Cleansing Wipes $5.84

Infused with coconut water, coconut oil, and fruit extracts, these facial wipes are ultra-hydrating and cleansing for the skin.

CliniqueFIT Post-Workout Face + Body Cleansing Wipes $11.63

These high-performance wipes are essential for anyone with an active lifestyle. They clean away excess dirt, oil, and sweat that can cause pores to clog or lead to breakouts.

Bliss Lemon & Sage Refreshing Body Wipes $4.80

The super soft, cooling body wipes naturally deodorize, refresh, and cleanse away dirt, oil, and sweat.

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