The United States is about to embark on its most historical (and chaotic) election to date.

However, you can’t just stroll up to a voting booth, show your ID, and cast your ballot. You have to be a registered voter to make sure your voice is heard during this epic election.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a hard, fast set of rules for registering to vote (North Dakota doesn’t even have voter registration!). Each state has its own set of requirements for registering. Luckily, those requirements are all over the internet and easily accessible.

There are however a few universal rules when it comes to voting in the United States.

Who Can Vote?

  • U.S. citizens
  • People who meet their state’s residency requirements (Fact: You can be homeless and still meet the requirements)
  • People who are 18-years-old on or before Election Day
  • People who register to vote before their state’s deadline

Who Can’t Vote?

  • Non U.S. citizens
  • For the presidential election, people residing in U.S. territories may not vote, even if they are U.S. Citizens
  • Some people with felonies (varies state to state)
  • Some people who are mentally handicap (varies state to state)

How Do I Register?
Again, this varies state to state but most U.S. Citizens can register at the following locations in person:

Can I Register Online?
Yes! But only if you reside in one of the 31 states that allows for online voter registration.

It’s very important that you register properly based on your states requirements so you can ensure your vote is counted for the 2016 election. Get out and vote!

xx, The FabFitFun Team