There are so many questions that need to be answered, and we don’t know how long we can wait! Who wins the White House? What are they going to do about the secret group that’s blackmailing everyone?

Luckily, a few questions have been answered with some shocking scenes on this week’s Scandal episode. Ahead you’ll discover all the wow-worthy moments.

Cyrus is innocent. David Rosen goes on record to say that Cyrus didn’t kill Vargas. Abby picks up Cyrus from jail after he’s released and takes him to a hotel. She tells Cyrus that he can still be president.

Olivia goes to work for Cyrus. Even though she ran Mellie’s campaign, Olivia begins working to change the public’s opinion about Cyrus. Don’t worry, Mellie’s OK with this because she wants to win a fair fight. Cyrus still isn’t convinced he’s right for the White House. However, Fitz visits Cyrus and helps Cyrus see that he should still fight to be president.

Elizabeth North makes a dramatic exit. Remember the scary duo that’s pulling all the strings right now? That would be Samantha Ruland and Theodore Peus. Apparently, Liz has been working with them to buy electoral votes to make Mellie the president. Mellie says she’d never let them control her. That’s when Samantha bashes Elizabeth’s head in with a golf club. After threatening to kill Mellie’s children, they inform her that Mellie will be the president, Samantha will be the chief of staff, and they’ll have control of the White House.

Rowan is arrested. The head of the FBI has found the trail of money linking Olivia to Tom Larson, so she’s going to arrest Olivia. When Fitz tells Olivia, she wants to be arrested so no one will want to vote for Mellie anymore and all their problems will be solved. Fitz refuses to let that happen. He wants to arrest the true culprit: Rowan. True to his word, Fitz has Rowan arrested.

Olivia and Fitz clearly still love each other. Olivia comes to the White House to yell at Fitz for arresting her father. Everything changes when Fitz shows Olivia that Rowan is relaxing in the Oval Office. Suddenly, all those old feelings come rushing back and they’re kissing and making up. Now they’re going to team up and take down Peus and Ruland.

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