Moscow Mules have quickly become a go-to cocktail — and we can definitely see why. They’re refreshing, bubbly, and include some delicious ingredients like spicy ginger beer and fresh lime!

We love sippin’ on these libations in our gorge copper mugs but it’s not so easy to sip on them by the pool or while laying out on the beach. Well, we took some tips from Irvington NYC and learned how to bottle up our boozy mules. Forget store-bought cocktails and carb-filled beer cans — Moscow Mules are now the drink to bottle up and store in the ice chest for those summer trips!

Bottled Moscow Mule recipe courtesy of Irvington NYC

1.75 ounces Absolut Vodka
0.5 ounces fresh ginger juice
0.4 ounces fresh lime juice
0.75 ounces simple syrup
3 ounces water
Fresh mint (optional add-in)
Cucumber slices (optional add-in)

1. Combine ingredients, chill, and carbonate
2. Bottle in 187 milliliter glass bottles
3. Cap and refrigerate

xx, The FabFitFun Team