The pill, the shot, an IUD… as women there are a lot of options for us these days when it comes to birth control. And while an IUD kind of sounds amazing (no more missed pills, doubling up, or frequent trips to the pharmacy), we wanted to know what it was really like before hopping on board.

So we turned to fitness and health blogger, Chelsey Rose Health, who has actually made the switch to an Intrauterine Device, and wrote all about her experience. Here’s what we learned:

1. There are two types; a copper one without hormones, and one with hormones.
“I went in wanting the copper one because I didn’t like the idea of adding hormones to my body but since I’m anemic the doc said I need to get the Mirena. I talked to her though about the hormones and she said that the hormones are not released throughout your entire body, they are just released in the cervix and that’s it.”

2. The device is inserted while you’re on your menstrual cycle.
“So this is kinda gross but — she said to come in WHILE I was on my next cycle. Likeeee ew really? haha BUT her reasoning was that our cervix isn’t as tight while we on our cycle so it would be easier to insert the IUD. so WHATEVER.”

3. The procedure is no walk in the park.
“Seriously like we are just NOT meant to feel what I felt. I don’t want to give you too many details but basically, she couldn’t get it in because my cervix was still too tight.”

4. Once your cervix is dilated enough for insertion, the process is super quick.
“The actual procedure was actually a breeze and took no more than 10 minutes total.”

5. Your period will likely be irregular at first.
“So the first week after I was on a light cycle for about 10 days. ANNOYING…Then for the first three months I was getting my period just whenever my body felt like having one, which seemed like twice a month. Also annoying.”

6. The benefits are kind of awesome.
“Now I can honestly say that it is AMAZING not having to worry about taking the pill or scheduling doctors appointments AND my period actually stopped! I spot like once a month for 2-3 days MOST and thats it.

Giving all my tampons to my roommate was prettttty sweet.”

Click here to read Chelsey’s whole experience, and let us know in the comments if you would ever try an IUD!

xx, The FabFitFun Team