Craig Garner

We’ve all had bad days at work, whether we were stressed out, bored, or just plain busy. But there’s a difference between one bad day vs. feeling exhausted and overwhelmed every single day.

If it feels impossible for you to find fulfillment or happiness at your job, you might be experiencing burnout. Ahead, we’ve listed five signs for you to gauge if it’s time to find a new job.

You hate going to work. It’s definitely a red flag if you dread going to work before you hit the hay or right when you wake up. You want to start the day feeling refreshed and prepared for the new work day. Either evaluate what’s making you dread the day or decide to find a new job.

You sabotage your own work. If you’re outputting less than quality work in the hopes that your boss will notice and fire you, it’s time to move on. Not only are you making things harder for those around you, you’re also sabotaging yourself by not doing your best. Plus, you don’t want to burn any bridges along the way.

Your personal life is suffering. Do you find yourself in a bad mood when spending time with friends or family? If work is affecting your mood beyond the office, it’s time to consider switching jobs.

You don’t like explaining your job to people. Unless you’re in the CIA, you should feel proud of your work and be excited when discussing it with others. If you avoid the topic of work altogether or you find yourself complaining more than you should be, you’re probably burnt out.

You simply don’t care. If you don’t care about your company, your co-workers, or even your appearance or reputation, it’s time for you to find another job.

xx, The FabFitFun Team