It’s been a season full of big shockers and jaw-dropping moments, but it’s all coming to an end (until next season at least).

Let’s just say the two-hour finale kept us on our toes the entire time — from knowing that Olivia’s mother is back in town to Luna deciding her fate. Here’s a recap of all the major moments:

Marie Wallace is going to kill Mellie. Yep, she’s back and already causing trouble. Marie is arrested but says she’s only here to help Olivia. After hiring OPA to investigate, Olivia finds out that Marie isn’t behind all this — she’s only the hired gun.

Quinn is pregnant. Abby comes over to help OPA, but Quinn is still giving her the cold shoulder. Quinn later apologizes by revealing that she’s pregnant. However, Quinn later asks Abby to take over OPA so Quinn can go be a normal person with her baby. Abby thinks about it and says no. Abby tells Quinn to hire her as OPA’s chief of staff, and Abby will help Quinn with the baby. #Gladiators4Life

Command is back. Rowan comes to Fitz with a request: reinstate B613. When Fitz is unsure, Rowan explains that Olivia is now the power and no one understands that there needs to be a balance of power more than Fitz. That’s why Fitz will be the new command. One little Executive Order and B613 is back.

Mellie is the new president. Thanks the reincarnated B613, Rowan knocks out Marie before she has the chance to shoot anyone. The only problem is that Marie was on the phone with Olivia about to tell her who was responsible for all this.  Mellie is safe, and Fitz leaves the White House. He tells Olivia he’s rescinded the B613 and is going to Vermont like he planned.

Luna Vargas is not so innocent. After the Inauguration Ceremony, OPA looks into the case again. Olivia ponders everything that’s happened and finally figures it out. Who would benefit most if Mellie died? Luna because then she’d be president. The people love Luna, so they can’t just get rid of her, but they can’t let Luna get away with this.

Luna decides her fate. Olivia solves the Luna problem. With Jake by her side, Olivia corners Luna and says Luna can take a few pills and take her own life, or Jake can kill her. Luna takes the pills. Then Olivia has Mellie sign an Executive Order that rearranges some money, and we all know that money is going to one place: B613. Olivia is now Command, and she makes sure that Rowan knows it. Then, while meeting Cyrus for a celebratory drink, Cyrus says almost word for word what Luna had said before she died. Olivia now knows that Cyrus had planned this all along because he would be the obvious choice for VP. Looks like he and Olivia both got what they wanted.

xx, The FabFitFun Team