With all the traveling you’re going to do this summer, your skin’s bound to be left dry and flaky. From recycled cabin air to the change in weather, what’s a girl to do? Well, with the help of a little device, your skin will stay hydrated all season long.


Meet your new BFF: the MiLi Pure Smart Skin Moisture Detector, a device that tracks your skin’s hydration levels. And it couldn’t be easier to use! Simply download the free Mili Pure App (compatible with iOS7 and Android 4.3) and connect it to your phone via Bluetooth. The blue Swarovski crystal will stop blinking once you’re connected. Then, remove the cap and place the two metal probes on the area you want to test for about five seconds and…that’s it!


The app updates in real time so you can easily track moisture levels, get personalized hydration tips, and it’ll even help you choose the right skin care products. The palm-sized portable device is easy to take with you on all your summer adventures and retails for $59 (which you can shop here).

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xx, The FabFitFun Team