We all know that Olivia Pope’s go-to drink is red wine. And you’re most likely sipping an adult beverage when catching up on the latest episodes of Scandal. Well, with all the shockers in this week’s episode you’ll want a bit of extra booze in your system. Pair last night’s episode with our Scandal drinking game to get you through all the OMG moments.

Take A Sip When:

  • Everyone finds out that former VP Andrew Nichols is alert and talking after spending the last two years recovering from a stroke
  • Olivia visits Andrew and he says he’s going to tell the world that Fitz declared war just to get Olivia back
  • Cyrus laughs at everyone because he’s the only one who wouldn’t be affected by all of this
  • Olivia has flashbacks of being kidnapped
  • Marcus is feeling left out of OPA

Take Two Sips When:

  • Alex Vargas investigates footage of Tom doing something sketchy
  • Olivia goes to Rowan and Jake for help
  • Elizabeth wants Huck to kill Andrew
  • Alex finds out Tom is sleeping with Cyrus

Finish Your Drink When:

  • Andrew turns down the $10 million deal to keep quiet and demands $20 billion and a slice of apple pie
  • Fitz says he’ll take the fall for everyone and say that he faked the attack on Andrew to get support for the war, which will basically tank Fitz’s career

Take A Shot When:

  • Abby stabs Olivia in the back as she offers Andrew a new deal that will save the president and attack Mellie instead
  • Olivia threatens Abby and says to never cross her again

Take Two Shots When:

  • Olivia bashes in Andrew’s skull with a chair leaving him dead in a massive pool of blood

xx, The FabFitFun Team