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Summer may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to put away rosé aka the vino of the year.

Use these 10 gorgeous blush drink recipes as excuses to drink pink wine all year long — and impress your holiday party guests while you’re at it!


If you didn’t get your frosé on this summer, it’s not too late. Use this recipe to turn your favorite bottle of rosé into a cool, slushy treat.


Scoot over strawberries, there’s a new daiquiri in town. Substitute normal strawberries with dry rosé to keep this drink feeling sophisticated and not overly sweet.

Summer Water Granita

Whip up this sweet sip for a cocktail that doubles as dessert. It’s fruity, refreshing, and easy to make, so invite the girls over for the ultimate night in.

Rosé Gimlet

Up your gimlet game by adding a bit of rosé to your glass. Not only does it taste amazing, it also provides a pretty blush tone for your drink.

Rosé Cucumber Cooler

Want to feel like you’re at the spa during happy hour? This cucumber cocktail has all the cool, refreshing notes of cucumber and just the right amount of alcoholic kick from the rosé.

Rosé Sangria

Why didn’t we think of this years ago? Forget red or white wine — it’s all about pink. This is a great recipe to make in batches for your brunch or holiday parties when you don’t feel like playing bartender and hostess.

Ruby on Rails

If you want your guests to think you’re a master mixologist (even if you only buy screw top wine), serve them up a glass of this. They’ll experience fresh, sweet, herbal flavors, and you’ll rake in all the compliments.

Rosé-Aperol Spritz

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this cocktail that tastes like the sweet and sour candies we love to eat but with a boozy kick.

Fizzy Rose Cocktail

A little tart, a little sweet…just like us! This cocktail is the perfect balance between the airiness of rosé, the tartness of grapefruit, and just a bit of fizz from the added soda water.

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