Gap years aren’t anything new, but they’ve gotten quite the shoutout recently. Malia Obama’s decision to take one before attending Harvard in the fall of 2017 has everyone talking.

What’s a gap year, you ask? It’s traditionally a year between graduating high school and attending college to travel, volunteer, work, etc. A gap year gives young adults the chance to zero in on what they truly want to do with their lives — it’s also a nice break from school. Here are five reasons why you should considering take a gap year if you have the option to:

You have a whole year so you can do what you’ve always wanted to do. Whether you volunteer or go backpacking, you have time to travel and explore new places while learning about different cultures.

Higher Grades
Taking a gap year may result in achieving a higher GPA when returning to school. Not only might you thrive academically, but you might also be more inclined to make the most of your experience in college by joining student orgs and participating in multiple school activities.

Resumé Booster 
Well, this one’s a no-brainer. Not only will a gap year look incredible on your job application, but it’s also a great topic to bring up during an interview. You can show your interviewer that you’re a planner, yet you’re not afraid to take risks.

Taking a gap year can help you be more confident in the academic direction you wish to pursue. After experiencing different things with new people in unfamiliar places, you may have a changed outlook on the career you want. Students can also test out careers ahead of time by interning or shadowing during their gap year.

If you’ll be working during your gap year, it’ll be a good time to save and budget money for your college career. You’ll be able to afford more of what your university has to offer and maybe be able to avoid those dreaded student loans.

What are your thoughts on taking a gap year? Let us know in the comments below!

xx, The FabFitFun Team