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This year, one of our intentions is to get more creative with what we’re putting into our bodies as fuel. We’re focusing on breakfast first, which is arguably the most undervalued yet most important meal of the day. One healthy and straightforward addition to our health regimen is an occasional protein shake, whether after a workout or in between meals.

The best part about protein shakes is that there are so many different recipes to choose from — ones you’ll actually look forward to drinking in the morning. We have our eye on everything from Cinnabon-inspired concoctions to shakes infused with coffee when you need an extra pick-me-up.

Keep scrolling to check out some of our favorite protein shake recipes that are anything but boring.

Healthy Banana Protein Shake

This irresistibly sweet shake requires only five ingredients, or six if you are like us and you need to add that drizzled peanut butter on top.

Blueberry Vanilla Protein Shake

All you need to create this stunning drink is water, milk, blueberries, and vanilla protein powder. Score!

Cinnamon Roll Protein Shake

Blogger Jennifer Meyering was inspired to create this protein shake one morning when she was baking her daughter Cinnabon cinnamon rolls. Instead of indulging in the sweet treat, she came up with this genius concoction. TBH, we’ll take one of both.

Strawberry Protein Shake

Lee Funke of FitFoodieFinds compares the taste of this recipe to that of strawberry cheesecake. Don’t forget the crushed graham crackers on top.

Iced Coffee Protein Shake

We can’t talk about morning protein shakes without suggesting a coffee-infused one. Ideal for caffeine-lovers, this beverage certainly packs a punch.

Vegan Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie

We love this delicious and healthy vegan shake, perfect for curbing your sweet tooth and fueling your body at the same time. The internet is also obsessed with this Vanilla Vegan Protein Shake if peanut butter isn’t your thing.

Vanilla Chai Protein Shake

Whip up this easy recipe when you’re in the mood to transform your favorite Starbucks Chai Latte into a post-workout pick-me-up.

Almond Joy Protein Shake

Coconut flakes and whole almonds come together in this drool-worthy recipe that’s bound to bring back memories of biting into an Almond Joy.

PB and J Protein Shake

Perfect for when you’re craving something fruity, this shake is loaded with frozen berries and peanut butter to give it that peanut butter and jelly sandwich taste.

Snickerdoodle Protein Shake

Prepare to fall in love with this snickerdoodle cookie-inspired recipe that sounds (and tastes) unhealthy but isn’t.

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