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2021 is finally here and we’re ready to kick it off on the right foot! After the year we already had, everyone could make it a goal to be a bit more thoughtful by practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness, by definition, is the act of focusing on your awareness at the moment while acknowledging and accepting your feelings. This therapeutic technique helps us become more aware of our feelings, our actions, and center ourselves in the present.

One unique way to practice mindfulness is by journaling. Studies have shown that journaling reduces stress, improves immune functions, boosts your mood, and keeps your memory sharp. 

Ready to start journaling? We’re sharing a couple of prompts that will help you get into the habit of writing, reflecting, and being more mindful. 

Dear 2020, thank you for teaching me…
We all learned a lot in the past 365 days and we should take those lessons into the new year. Write down and reflect on what you learned and how you can take those lessons into 2021. 

What aspects of myself of my life did I neglect in 2020?
To kick off the new year, sit down, and reflect on what parts of your life weren’t at the forefront in 2020. What did you push to the back of your mind? What parts of your life didn’t you care and nurture for? Write them down and work at them in the new year.

It is a new year. I am releasing ___ to make room for ___.
This is a great prompt to look ahead to the new year. Think about what brought you down in 2020, what triggered you, what made you not feel like your best self, and what you are trying to bring forward in the new year. 

What is my word of the year?
Setting a word of the year can help you streamline your goals and push you outside your comfort zone. Choose a word to live by for the entire year and write about what that word means to you and what you want out of choosing it. 

What are my three goals for the year?
You might not be a resolution person but it’s always nice to set some goals! Whether they are personal, professional, or health-related, choosing a few things to work toward can help you focus.

What do I want more of in 2021?
What went right in 2020? What did you love? What made you happy? That’s what you should want more of! 

What do I want less of in 2021?
Think about the things that brought you down in the previous year. What were some negative behaviors, moments, or feelings that didn’t make you feel good? Those are the things you want less of and seeing them on paper might help you work toward moving away from them. 

10 things I’m thankful for…
Gratitude is such an important part of being mindful and reflecting on what is good in your life. Knowing what we are grateful for makes life a little easier because you’re able to see the good things, no matter how big or small! 

If I knew I couldn’t fail, what would I do?
Failure is a human emotion we try our hardest to avoid because it’s scary. Who wants to fail? The thought of failing might hold us back in a lot of areas of life, so if you knew for sure you would succeed, what would you do? You might be surprised by your own answer!

Write down the names of friends or family members you want to spend more time with this year.
While spending time with loved ones has been on pause,  you can find other ways to spend time with them by calling them or simply sending a text. Think about who you want in your life, who has been missing, and how you can make a promise to make more effort with them in the coming year.

What are some journaling prompts you’re kicking off the new year with? Let us know in the comments below!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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