For many, August is a popular month to go on vacation. While we all use vacation as a time to relax and unwind, too much inactivity coupled with an all-you-can-eat buffet can really derail your health and wellness goals. On your next getaway, try one of these fun and healthy activities to help stick to a regular fitness regimen.

Get Your Snorkel On
If there’s a body of water nearby your vacation destination, grab some snorkel gear. On average, a 150 pound woman can burn approximately 340 calories after snorkeling for just 1 hour.

Hike It
Ask locals or your hotel concierge for recommended nearby hiking trails that match your desired level of difficulty. A long stroll through nature is both good exercise and relaxing. A 150 pound woman can burn approximately 430 calories after hiking a moderately difficult trail for an hour.

Dance the Night Away
After the sun sets, you can still get a workout in while having fun! Ask locals to recommend a fun nightlife spot that has a dance floor and boogie the night away. On average, a 150 pound woman can burn approximately 378 calories after one hour of dancing.

If you are feeling ambitious, do one of these on-the-go, equipment-free workouts in your hotel room.

xoxo, Workout Girl

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