OK, it’s time to get personal. Poop jokes will most likely (or always) make us giggle, but when it comes to our actual bodily functions? We’re not as cheeky about it…

…which is why we’ve rounded up the best products to cover up that dreaded smell after you’ve done the deed. Ahead, you’ll find bathroom essentials to make your time on the porcelain throne as pleasant as such an activity should be.

Febreze Febreze Air Effects Fresh Twist Cranberry $3.29
A list of this genre wouldn’t be complete without Febreze. After you’ve done your business, spray a bit of this in your restroom to eliminate any lingering odors.

wallflower Bath & Body Works Wallflowers $12.50
Not only is this an adorable contraption, it will also make your bathroom smell like your favorite B&B scent. This bad boy will keep your dumps on the DL (for lack of a better phrase…) while doubling as a nightlight!

poopourri Poo-Pourri in No. 2 $9.95
How could this not be on on the list? We’re convinced that Poo-Pourri is actually magic in punny packaging — just spray before the deed is done…and voila!

post-poo Aesop Post-Poo Drops $29
If you prefer to be fancy about such bathroom occurrences, you (and your guests) are sure to appreciate these Post-Poo Drops. Just apply three of drops of this after you flush and your bathroom will smell like a citrus dream.

mask Mask Toilet Spray in Teakwood/Tobacco $8.99
This spray is the same concept as Poo-Pourri, but the packaging is a bit more subtle, and it’s available in some interesting scents. Keep this in your purse for emergencies so you can be stealthy about your bodily functions on-the-go!

xx, The FabFitFun Team