Feeling well rested and refreshed right after a workout is possible when you have the right products. These essentials will having you looking, smelling, and feeling your best when you leave the gym. Keep them stored in your gym bag for easy access and a guaranteed way to feel good.

Below are six products we bet you didn’t know you needed in your gym bag. #yourewelcome

sagelySagely Relief & Recovery Cream $36
This all natural cream is your savior after a tough workout. It targets any inflammation and provides a cooling sensation via menthol and essential oils. We love using it on sore muscles — it helps us get back in the groove of life a lot faster!

dr schultzBeauty Rx by Dr. Schultz Exercise Kit $12
Did you know you’re supposed to clean your face before your workout? These purifying wipes get rid of anything that could clog your pores when combined with sweat (yuck!). The two-step system fits perfectly into your gym bag, too!


Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo Lift Powder, $35.00

Is your hair looking a little limp after that crazy spin class? This dry shampoo will work wonders! Brush along the hairline to remove any dirt and oil (or sweat). This powder lifts and leaves hair feeling softer and healthier than before.

invisi bobbleInvisibobble Original Hair Tie (3 Pack) $5.50
Get your best workout in without your hair in your face. Leave a pack of these in your gym bag so you’ll always be prepared. The hair ties hold your hair in the perfect pony or bun to get the job done. The best part? It doesn’t tangle your hair or leave dents!

mioMio Skincare Clean Slate Workout Swipe (Set of 25) $37
These wipes were made for your gym bag. They’re gentle enough to use on your face and body, helping you feel clean after a sweat sesh. Your skin will feel soft and smooth after using and smell fresher than before you even hit the treadmill.

glossierGlossier Perfecting Skin Tint $26
This is the coverage you need after putting time in at the barre. This tinted moisturizer is so light that it feels like you have nothing on and lets your natural beauty shine through. You’re skin will look brighter and it’s not from the sweat 😉

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 4.09.15 PMSweetSpot Labs On-the-Go Wipes $13
Made with 98% natural ingredients, these wipes are gynecologist recommended and are great for a quick refresh for your entire body! It’s small enough to take in your gym bag and they’re so convenient to use whenever you need to wipe down.

xx, The FabFitFun Team