Does your stressful work day leave you crashing on your couch with a Chipotle burrito in hand while binging on Netflix? (Don’t worry; we’ve all been there…) Next time you’re feeling wound up, opt instead for any of these fun stress-busting activities:

Get Your ‘Om’ On 
Yoga forces you to focus on holding active stretches and poses. While focusing on your body, yoga can help to both clear your mind and relax you if you have anxiety.

Punch It Out
Take up kickboxing. When you’re really angry, it feels great to take out all of your frustrations on a punching bag. (If you want to pretend it’s your ex’s face, I won’t judge you.)

Shake It Up
When all else fails and you need to de-stress like NOW, blast some dance tunes and have a living room dance party. You’ll feel just like ‘Becky with the good hair.’

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xoxo, Workout Girl

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