I Love You, Man

We all know that Valentine’s Day is the official holiday for romance marked with chocolates, flowers, and candlelit dinners. And this all fine and dandy…if you have a valentine, that is.

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day alone, we know the best way to escape all the Hallmark fluff. Cozy up at home and watch a movie!

Here are five movies to watch on V-Day (regardless if you have a date or not). But don’t worry, none of these picks are chick flicks.


Deadpool actually released close to Valentine’s Day last year, and its billboards made it out to be a chick flick. Spoiler alert: it’s not. It’s a superhero action movie packed with gore and crude humor, all based around Wade and Vanessa — a fairytale prostitute-mercenary couple. However, Ajax (the villain) kidnaps Vanessa, and Deadpool comes to the rescue. In the end, the core of the movie is a love story, but you wouldn’t think that as you watch.

Valentine’s Day is about love, right? So who says you can’t fall in love with a computer? Theodore Twombly is in the midst of a divorce when he decides to purchase an operating system that incorporates a talking AI, Samantha. They develop a relationship like any other – they meet, they get to know each other, they discuss deep topics, and they joke and laugh. Admittedly, it’s a bit strange watching a man fall in love with a computer’s voice, but there’s something endearing about the message it portrays.

V for Vendetta
Set in a dystopian future UK, a fascist government is in power and polices its citizens with curfews and concentration camps. Evey Hammond is a young female employee at a news station and does her best to obey the law. One night, she is harassed by a couple of law enforcement officers, but is saved by a man in a mask who calls himself “V.” Evey and V form a strange relationship that is not markedly romantic, but undeniably powerful and complicated.

Mad Max
If you’ve noticed a trend in this list so far, you’re right: we love watching action flicks on V-Day. Max is a lone-wolf nomad who is captured, but ultimately escapes — along with the Immortan Joe’s (the villain) five wives. Mad Max is made even greater by the absence of a romantic subplot, especially when it would have been so typical and easy to have Furiosa and Max fall in love.

I Love You, Man
What’s better than romance? Bromance. Peter Klaven just got engaged, but has nobody to be his best man. So he asks his gay, younger brother for advice who sets him up on a string of “bro dates” that all end disastrously. However, Peter serendipitously meets Sydney Fife and the two instantly bond over fish tacos and their love for Rush; things seem to be going well when the newly friends hit a couple bumps in the road. I Love You, Man is a feel good comedy that will give you the feels and make you want to call your best friend.

xx, The FabFitFun Team