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Statistics show that only eight percent of us ever actually keep our New Year’s resolutions. But don’t let this discourage you — sometimes, all you need is a little nudge to help you achieve your goals.

Enter these seven game-changing apps. First, figure out which app best matches your goals. Then keep it on your phone’s home page, allow notifications, share your progress on social media — basically, do whatever it takes to keep yourself in check.

Want to save money, but can’t seem to make head or tail of a typical finance spreadsheet? Try looking at a calendar instead. That’s the idea behind Dollarbird, a simple interface that allows you to track and plan your spendings throughout the month. Simply enter your current balance, then add future and past transactions to eliminate bank account surprises. You can even share it with your colleagues, partner, and family if you’re planning an event or trip.

Gone are the days using “I don’t have any equipment” as an excuse. Freeletics suggests workouts based on your body weight — no additional equipment necessary. Pair this app with the 7-Minute Workout and you’ll achieve all your fitness goals.

Are you hoping to be more adventurous in the year ahead without going totally broke? Well, then Hopper is about to become your most-visited app. It tracks billions of flight prices and will notify you in real time of price drops, so you can book that solo trip to Morocco.

If you’re not financially in a place where you can book a long-distance trip, good news — nature is always free. Go on an adventure in your city’s backyard with Yonder. The app suggests gorgeous hikes and other nature-based activities according to your location. Getting fit while being adventurous and saving money? Sounds like a resolution godsend to us.

Parlez-vous Français? Not yet, but with Duolingo you’ll be mastering the fine art of ordering croissants like a veritable Parisian. In addition to giving you serious street cred, learning a new language is crazy good for the brain. Thanks to Duolingo, you can dive into German, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, or any of the 27 courses available. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

If you resolved to take better care of your mental health but aren’t exactly sure where to start, look no further than Talkspace. For $25 a week, you’re matched with a certified therapist who can help guide you through whatever’s on your mind.

We all want to be happy — but what’s the key to satisfaction in our own lives? For some, it’s a big home. For others, it’s quality time with their pup. Everyone is different, which is where Happify comes in. The company uses scientific research and backing to track your emotional well-being. They also assign small games to help you along your personal path to happiness.

xx, The FabFitFun Team