New things can be scary. And why try something new when you can resort to the comforts of normalcy, right? But let’s be honest — as much as we’d like to stay in and binge watch Netflix all day long, it would lead to a pretty boring life.

When it comes to trying new things you don’t have to do something crazy though. Instead challenge yourself to trying smaller activities and give yourself a timeline to complete them by. Setting a date will hold yourself accountable for actually doing these new things. So we’re sharing five new things we want to try and challenge you to give them a shot, too!

Travel Alone
You’ll want to do your research on this to find places that are safe to travel solo. It doesn’t have to be a huge excursion (it can be, though), but it can just mean driving to a few hours away to a nearby town, checking into a hotel and reveling in some “me time.” Order room service, explore the sites, and take time to simply be alone in an unfamiliar setting. This change in scenery can really teach you a lot about yourself.

Raise a Significant Amount of Money for Charity
Maybe you’ve donated a few bucks here and there to different causes but what about raising a large sum of money for a charity close to your heart? Pick one (or several!) and set a goal amount you want to donate to them — think $500 or more. You can host a clothing swap where your friends give donations, host a comedy night at a local café, or start a campaign on Kickstarter. Whatever way you decided to raise these funds will make you and your charity of choice feel amazing.

Write a Letter to Yourself to Read in 10 Years
Thinking back on ten years seems almost impossible or potentially super scary — we’re looking at you early 2000s. Grab a pen and paper and write a letter to your ten years older self. Note the accomplishments you’ve recently made, goals you hope to have accomplished by the ten year mark, and a bit of friendly advice. Your past can always help put a positive influence on your future.

Say ‘Yes’ to Everything for One Week
Yup, everything. Well, everything that’s safe and legal. Go on that lunch or coffee date you’re always putting off, hit up a new workout class you’ve been skirting around for months, or say “yes” to whatever your friends ask you to do! By the end of seven days, you’ll have so many new experiences and fun activities under your belt, you’ll wonder why you didn’t it sooner.

Face One of Your Biggest Fears
Heights, snakes, the dark, commitment — you name it and someone is most likely afraid of it. We challenge you to look your fear straight in the eye and face it head on. Don’t like roller coasters? Grab your bestie and head to an amusement park. Afraid of offending someone? Try speaking your mind — in a kind and respectable way, of course. You’ll feel empowered that you told fear it has no place in your life.

What are some other new things you’d like to try? Let us know in the comments below!

xx, The FabFitFun Team