After you’ve finished checking off your holiday list, get to this bucket list. Resolutions can be challenging, but having a buddy or two to do them with will help you keep motivated. So share this calendar with your BFF, co-worker, or your siblings and you’ll be on your way to a merry 2018.

Week 1: Incorporate another culture’s New Year’s tradition into yours.
Week 2: What better time to donate blood than during National Blood Donor Month?
Week 3: Try a workout on FFFTV.
Week 4: Start bullet journaling.

Week 1: Strike up a conversation with a stranger.
Week 2: Host a Galentine’s Day event with your best girlfriends.
Week 3: Learn how to play an instrument.
Week 4: Cut out meat for a week.

Week 1: Write a letter to a woman who inspires you in celebration of Women’s History Month.
Week 2: Master a new yoga pose.
Week 3: Get started on a DIY project (and finish it).
Week 4: Donate your spring cleaning goodies to a local thrift shop.

Week 1: Invest in a camera and snap the spring bloom.
Week 2: Visit a museum you’ve never been to.
Week 3: Get into gardening.
Week 4: Invest in a nonprofit close to your heart and tell people about it.

Week 1: Take a mental health day and treat yourself to an at-home spa sesh.
Week 2: Snip, snip! Whether you cut your hair or color it, switch it up with a totally new ‘do.
Week 3: Volunteer at a local soup kitchen.
Week 4: Host a themed backyard party.

Week 1: You made it through half the year…get back on track of your New Year’s resolutions.
Week 2: Take a dance class.
Week 3: Parlez-vous Français? Mais, oui. Take advantage of summer and learn a new language.
Week 4: Learn to juggle because…why not?

Week 1: Plan a Fourth of July of Taylor Swift proportions.
Week 2: Order a different cocktail during happy hour.
Week 3: Cook a full-course meal for someone special in your life.
Week 4: Shop a FabFitFun Capsule Sale.

Week 1: Switch up your usual meal rotation and try a new recipe.
Week 2: Recommend a podcast to a colleague and have them do the same.
Week 3: Stay involved in the FabFitFun community (and you could be featured in our magazine!).
Week 4: Experiment with summer-to-fall transition pieces.

Week 1: Whip up a homemade pumpkin spice latte.
Week 2: Post a FabFitFun unboxing video on YouTube.
Week 3: Revamp your space with fall decorations.
Week 4: Put together a back-to-school care package for someone.

Week 1: Rock a trend from Fashion Week.
Week 2: Paint a pumpkin.
Week 3: Make your own DIY Halloween costume.
Week 4: Book your winter vay-k early.

Week 1: Shop Add-Ons and snag all your favorite products.
Week 2: Knit a scarf.
Week 3: Rake your neighbor’s leaves, just because.
Week 4: Pay for a stranger’s meal in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Week 1: Leave a generous tip. It goes a long way during the holiday season.
Week 2: Try a new beauty product.
Week 3: Gift a FabFitFun box to a close friend.
Week 4: Create your own bucket list for 2019.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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