The first thing you’ll notice about Ayesha Curry is her kindness. Combine that with her drive and passion for family and food, and we’d say she’s an indestructible force. Not only is she a mom of two young girls, but she also has her own TV show, cookware line, and food subscription service, Homemade. So if there was anyone we wanted to partner with this season, it was her. The Homemade by Ayesha Curry Ceramic Mugs represents everything we love about Ayesha herself: classic, whimsy, fun, and sassy.

Check out our interview with Ayesha as we chat with her about everything from her family traditions (hint: food is involved) to the keys to a successful marriage.

You do so much! From hosting your TV show and your subscription food brand Homemade, to being a mom of two young daughters with a traveling husband — what motivates you when you wake up in the morning to do all that you do?
First and foremost, passion drives me. I’m so passionate about my family. I’m so passionate about food. I have been [passionate about food] since I was a little girl, so to be able to have a platform and share all of the things I love about food, be creative with food, and use it as a vessel to bring people together — it doesn’t get any better than that. Also, my two little girls. I feel like it’s important for me to press forward [and] work as hard as I can, so that ultimately when they get older, I would have hopefully been a great example for them to do the same and pass on that work ethic.

What keeps you going when things get hard?
As a mom, I hit road bumps really often. There are days when you feel you aren’t good enough or not doing enough. My husband is the one that keeps me going. [He] is my driving, motivating force, and I’m really appreciative of him for that.We love that Homemade is all about family-inspired meals.

What do you think it is about food that brings a family closer together?
I think it’s a necessity [because] we all have to eat — that’s a common thing that we can all relate to. But at the same time, who doesn’t love a good meal? I think it’s that time and that excuse to be able to disconnect from work and everything [else] you have to do and sit down at the table or in front of the TV to enjoy that quality time and meal together.

Speaking of family, you and your husband are high school sweethearts, which is a very rare thing nowadays. What are the key things to keeping a relationship healthy?
Well, we’re not super high school sweethearts. We met in high school [and] we started dating when my husband was in college. First and foremost, the key is communication. As redundant as it sounds, it’s communication. You need to make sure you’re talking to each other about everything, even the hard conversations that you don’t want to talk about, even the things you don’t think are necessary to talk about, talk about them. Put it all out on the table and at the end of the day, you know each other inside and out, and you’re on the same page.

At FabFitFun, we’re huge advocates of female entrepreneurs, especially working moms. Our founder is also a mom of two young daughters! What do you hope your daughters learn from you? What are your hopes for them as they get older and become more cognizant of the world they live in?
I hope as they get older, they realize and learn to just be a nice person. I feel like that’s something that’s lost — the simplicity of just being pleasant and being a nice person. Also, loving yourself. In this [age] of social media, we’re always comparing each other to one another, and I think it’s important to find that sense of self and to love yourself first. Love yourself girl, or nobody will!

Are there any women in your life that really inspired your work ethic?
Absolutely. My mom. My mom’s a hairstylist. She’s a female entrepreneur as well [and] owns her own business. She’s been working since she was 14-years-old and I never saw anything different, so she’s definitely [my] motivation. She set the best example. I don’t get a chance to say it very often, but I’m super proud of her and I can only hope I make her as proud as she’s made me growing up over the years.

What do you feel have been your proudest moments in 2017 and what are you looking forward to in 2018? Any mantras for the new year?
For 2017, I’m really proud that I didn’t give up. There had been some trying times along the way with starting Homemade and jumping into the restaurant business, but I’m glad I stuck with it because it’s all paying off. It’s become very rewarding, and ultimately, I love what I’m doing and I think that’s most important. For the new year, my mantra is going to be just to appreciate time more and to learn to be in the moment. There could be a beautiful moment, but I’m that type of person who’s always thinking about what’s next. What do I have to do? What’s on the to-do list? Maybe not worrying so much about what there is to do and enjoying what is.

Do you have any family traditions during the holidays?
Absolutely. We eat and then…we eat. And then…we eat. Before we eat, we pray. There’s always a big family prayer before any holiday dinner; sometimes it’s bible study. We love games, so right now we’re really into Taboo on the iPhone. It takes care of all the guesswork and it gets very competitive. Also, Cards Against Humanity is always fun. I need to get the expansion pack, though.

Tell us about the Homemade by Ayesha Curry Ceramic Mugs.
I’m super excited about these mugs. My sister-in-law and I [love] the FabFitFun boxes, so being able to be a part of the box this time is super cool. I love these mugs [because] they’re nice and big and roomy. They’re super classic, but fun at the same time, which I feel like is what FabFitFun is. It’s all about having fun, being a little whimsical, creative, sassy, and girly.

How do you like to use the Homemade mugs? What are some recipes people can make with these?
Well, the obvious for me is coffee. My day starts every morning with coffee. If it’s not coffee, then it’s green tea with a little grass-fed butter blended in. It creates this nice creamy latte without the coffee. And of course, there’s hot chocolate. You can’t have the holidays without a nice warm cup of hot cocoa. I’m really into making homemade marshmallows. So this season, my plan is to play around with flavors a little bit, but it’s fun to do with your kids as well. If you have kids, make some homemade marshmallows. It’s not as hard as it seems.

What’s coming up for you?
I’m so excited about my new cookware. The best part is that it’s affordable, but it doesn’t lack quality. It’s available right now at Target and other stores as well. Look on my website at for [a list of] all the places where [they’re] available [and] get yourself some cookware for the holidays.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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