Why Maria Shriver Is Advocating for the Woman’s Mind


Serving for the greater good is in Maria Shriver’s blood. She lives her life to empower those around her and one thing is clear — that it all begins with taking moments for yourself.

Read our exclusive interview on why she founded the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement and why Shriver is advocating for the most important thing in a woman’s life: her mind.

We’re so excited about our partnership! Why did you decide to work with FabFitFun?
My kids encouraged me to work with FabFitFun. They said it would be a great way to reach young people and a fun thing to do. When I met with FabFitFun, they sold me. I really like the products in the box and thought it would be an awesome way to introduce the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement to younger generations.

What inspired you to start the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement?
When my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I learned that two-thirds of all brains with the disease actually belong to women — but no one could tell me why and I didn’t understand how that could be. That’s why the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement is committed to women-focused Alzheimer’s research. We know now that what works for men doesn’t always work for women. There’s a very real gender research gap and we all need to pay more attention to women’s health issues.

What is one thing about Alzheimer’s many women aren’t aware of?
I don’t think many women really focus on their brains or know that Alzheimer’s is a women’s disease. If we focused as much on our brains as we do on our lips, eyes, and thighs, we might be able to solve the Alzheimer’s crisis. Educating women and the people that love them is critical because they’re the CEOs of their households. They’re the ones that run everything and they’re often the ones that leave their own health on the back burner.

How can we, as women, be proactive about our health?
There is a lot riding on women today. They’re raising kids, they’re taking care of parents, [and] they’re climbing professional ladders. There’s a lot of pressure and a lot of stress. How you control and manage that stress is important. We need to ask ourselves, “What are we putting into our bodies? What are we feeding our brains? How are we engaging with the world?” It’s all connected. So, I really hope that women will look at themselves holistically and prioritize their brain and body health because no one is going to help you unless you help yourself.

We love that you encourage your readers to take away lessons from any and every human encounter. What is one life lesson you recently learned?
I speak to a lot of young women who doubt themselves, who doubt the situation they’re in, and who doubt whether they can handle whatever life is throwing at them. One of the most important life lessons I’ve learned is that you already have everything you need inside of you. You’re really the captain of your own ship. How you manage and navigate the good, the bad, and the ugly is really up to you. Think of your life as a marathon, not a sprint.

How do you find moments for yourself?
I get up early and meditate. I don’t pick up my phone until I’ve checked in with myself and I’ve quieted myself. And I do that again at night. It helps center me, calm me, and make me clear. I think it’s a really important gift that you can give to yourself. You give it to your mind, you give it to your emotions, you give it to your body, and then everybody else feels the benefits too.

What keeps you grounded?
Paying attention to everything that’s going on in the world around me — and remembering that we all have an ability to impact it in whatever way we choose. We’re all here for a purpose and a mission. I
think sometimes you have to step back and take a moment to say, “I’m blessed” and “I’m grateful.” And that keeps me grounded — knowing that I’m blessed.

You’re so incredibly driven and passionate about uplifting those around you. Are there any women in your life that inspired and instilled your work ethic?
My mother, certainly, instilled in me a strong work ethic. She worked every day of her life until she passed away and she was a big believer in working. She admired other people that worked and she demanded it and expected it of her kids — and her voice is very much inside of me. The women and men that my mother admired all worked in service of a greater good and those are the people who inspire me — those who want to make the world better, who want to move humanity forward, and who lead lives driven by mission and purpose.

Can you share some words of wisdom to our members about taking time for themselves?
I think it’s an act of self-respect to take time for yourself. Having the self-knowledge to understand and give yourself what you need is an act of self-worth. You’ll be better off in the world when you’re grounded in yourself

When do you feel the most fearless?
I try not to think about fear. I get up and go.

Can you share three words that you’re taking into the new year?
Simplicity, stillness, and spirituality.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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