Simply having a condom on hand isn’t enough to prevent pregnancy and STDs. In fact, there are right and wrong ways to wear and remove the contraceptive — so make sure you’re properly educated on how to use it.

Here are five potential mistakes you could be making with this popular birth control:

Put it on before you get it on. Start and finish sex with a condom for maximum effectiveness. Slipping one on before your partner’s about to finish completely beats the purpose of a condom, as STDs can be passed on without one. If you’re going to get through half of it without a condom, it’s just the same as skipping it altogether.

Don’t unroll it beforehand. Don’t try to unroll the condom before putting it on. Instead, remove the condom from the wrapper and roll it onto the penis — you’ll find that it’s much easier and efficient.

Two is not better than one. You might’ve heard that two is better than one, but not when it comes to condoms. Using two condoms can create unnecessary friction and tear.

One size doesn’t fit all. Your partner may be well endowed, but it’s important to have the right condom size. A condom that’s too small might break, while a condom that’s too large can slip off during intercourse.

A condom doesn’t last forever. If you didn’t know, condoms have an expiration date. With proper storage, most condoms should last between three to five years, but check your box for any dates to be sure. Just as you wouldn’t drink spoiled milk, you don’t want to risk using an old condom.

xx, The FabFitFun Team